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Songfest during the Youth Sahavas Program

Meher Baba said that he had come “not to teach but to awaken,” so the Center has no structured teachings or classes. There are, however, a variety of programs available. These offer many opportunities for experiencing more about Meher Baba and his message of love and truth.

Each Monday evening a meeting is held to read and discuss Meher Baba’s discourses on the spiritual life. Programs of devotional music are offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. On Friday and Saturday nights, programs may consist of slides or films of Meher Baba, videos of talks by Meher Baba’s close disciples, or sometimes a guest speaker, along with readings and music. On Sunday afternoon there is a gathering for tea and conversation, and in the evenings there is an informal meeting for readings of spiritual poetry.

During the day, visits to the Center’s special buildings and Library are available. There are rotating displays in the Meeting Place of archival photos, and original paintings and photography. They are provided by Center friends who wish to share their work, and the displays rotate usually on a monthly schedule.

Other programs are scheduled on occasions such as Silence Day and Amartithi, or during visits by Meher Baba’s close disciples.

Every summer there is a special program for teenagers called the Youth Sahavas. It is a five day retreat gathering, usually held in late June, when the entire Center is reserved for high school age young people and the Sahavas staff working with them. Each day begins with morning Arti, and is filled with a variety of activities, workshops, discussion groups and evening programs. Click below for a copy of the 4-page 2017 Youth Sahavas Information and Registration Form document.
Additional information and comments about the Youth Sahavas can be found on Facebook by clicking the following link: Youth Sahavas Facebook Page

See the Program & Events section for detailed information about upcoming programs.

Recreational Facilities