Outdoor Opening Of Meher Center


Dear Meher Center Family and Friends,

We want to share heartfelt greetings from the staff and board to the many supporters of Meher Center. Who would have thought that 2020 would turn out anything like this, upending people’s lives everywhere? But here we are, and it’s still not over. We send our loving thoughts to members of our community whose families and friends have been affected by the pandemic. We imagine many would agree that this pandemic is Meher Baba’s way of working in the world, and that we all remain securely in His hands.

We are writing to announce that the board has decided to reopen the grounds of the Center to day visitors, by reservation, and with limited numbers each day, beginning on October 16 — the anniversary of the New Life. No buildings except for restrooms will be open. Guidelines for visiting and reservations are included in this email and will also be posted on our website.

We know, of course, that so many have been longing to return to the Center to experience His loving presence there. Everyone at the Center has wanted that to happen as soon as possible as well. Since we closed in early March, the board, relying on input from the staff as well as local, state, and national information and advice, has been meeting frequently to evaluate the data in an effort to figure out when and how we can safely reopen.

We know that everyone would agree with the guiding principle that we should put the safety of guests and staff first as we consider reopening. As so many have expressed, our priority as a community is that we work together to keep each other safe, and that we put the health of others first.

You may recall that there was a time during July when South Carolina and Horry County were COVID hotspots, and governors from other states were requiring those who visited South Carolina to quarantine when they returned. Fortunately, that period has passed, for now, although case counts remain high.

We had been waiting until after Labor Day to see if there would be another surge in our area. We are glad that this has not occurred. The number of new cases discovered via available testing, for the most part, has gradually gone downward since its height in July. That said, the threat of the pandemic remains very real.

We want to stress that, should conditions worsen in our area and around the country, the Center may have to close its doors again. This caveat applies as well to any sudden surge that may take place between now and October 16. We will all see what unfolds.

Please read the attached guidelines that outline the process for visiting the Center beginning October 16. Although our ability to reopen will be determined in part by the world outside, it will also very much be affected by our collective and wholehearted dedication to observe these measures to protect each other.

In closing, we want to thank you for your loving and supportive comments during this pandemic time. It means so much to us to have the support of Baba’s followers across the world. By Baba’s grace, we hope to see you soon at His home in the West.

In His Love and service,

Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Board of Directors

Ananda Jones, [email protected]
Andy Lesnik, [email protected]
Anna Lena Phillips Bell, [email protected]
Annie Fahy Lawn, [email protected]
Bob Ahrens, [email protected]
Bruce Felknor, [email protected]
Bruce Kelsey, [email protected]
Buz Connor, [email protected]
Daniel Stone, [email protected]
Johanna Gard’ner, [email protected]
Linda Hansen, [email protected]
Michael Tych, [email protected]