Ongoing Programs -
"Details to be determined depending on when the Center reopens".
First Wednesday monthly
(when available) 3:00 pm

Informal Gatherings with Wendy Connor

Wendy was with Meher Baba in 1958 and 1962. Daughter of Jane Haynes, Wendy had many years of close association with Elizabeth Patterson and Kitty Davy.

once monthly 3:30 pm

Informal Gatherings with Tom Riley

Tom met Meher Baba at Meher Spiritual Center in 1958, and was with Him in India at the East-West Gathering in 1962.

Original Kitchen
Displays begin
on first Friday
of each month

Monthly Meeting Place Displays

January & February: Archival Photographs of Meher Baba: East-West Gathering

Meeting Place

Programs are subject to last-minute changes.

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