Governance And Community

Meher Spiritual Center, Inc., was chartered as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of South Carolina in 1959, and designated tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. The corporation was founded as a nonsectarian religious organization whose chartered purposes are to:

  1. maintain a spiritual retreat for rest, meditation, and renewal of the spiritual life
  2. maintain a library of primarily religious, philosophical and inspirational books, accessible to the public
  3. hold group meetings for reading of the Discourses of Meher Baba and other universal truths
  4. donate clothing and other necessities to the poor

The corporation is governed by a Board of Directors who act as stewards of Meher Center Corporation. A current staff of twenty-two serve as caretakers of the retreat, and over 300 volunteers regularly participate in its daily operations or are involved from afar in committee and advisory roles on a consistent basis. The Center’s nearby community is currently over 500 individuals and families, all of whom provide support and vibrant interest in the Center’s well-being.

For a complete copy of the text of the Center’s original 1959 Charter, click below. Also available below are the Center’s Vision, Values, and Mission Statements, and the Board Governance Document. The governance document summarizes the responsibilities of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and the staff of Meher Spiritual Center, Inc., and the process by which the Center is to be managed. At the governance level, there is an ongoing focus on strategic and master planning. Current documents related to this work, which guides the future of the Meher Spiritual Center retreat and organization, can be requested at any time from the Center’s administrative office (843-272-8793, [email protected]).

Charter Vision, Values, And Mission Statements Meher Center and the Spirit of Inclusiveness