From the Presiding Officer of the Board:

There is a great deal of activity at the Center, while every effort is made to preserve Baba’s home as a place where each individual can come and have a private retreat with their Divine Beloved, Meher Baba.

We are also in the process of addressing a wide range of needs that are essential to the Center’s preservation, many of which have been emerging over many years, such as the practical work related to environmental management and conservation. While some of the needs emanate from within the Center, some, such as security measures, have developed as the city of Myrtle Beach has continued to grow and impact the retreat atmosphere.

During this past year, the board has been exploring how to best fulfill these needs, what funding will be required, and what new opportunities for supporting the Center may arise. As the board continues its exploration and study, we will be sharing with you more about these opportunities and how we all can help, in various ways, in the work of the Center.

As Baba said in “My Dear Workers” (The 1962 East-West Gathering, pp. 4–9), “My work is your opportunity.” What a gift He has given in providing us all with this sublime and incomparable Center, which He has assured us He never leaves. At the same time, this gift is an opportunity to express our love for Him, through deepening our efforts to make the Center available to humanity as a place of pilgrimage for all time.

Daniel Stone, for the Meher Center Board of Directors
Anna Lena Phillips Bell, Adi Blum, Bruce Felknor, Linda Hansen, Meherwan Irani, Annie Lawn, Andy Lesnik, Annie Hall, Jo Taylor, and Michael Tych

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