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“I am Eruch, the slave of the Lord of Love”

Eruch was Baba’s right-hand man, and dedicated his life in service to his Master. In this beautiful and heartwarming clip taken at Meherabad during the 1996 Amartithi, Eruch grants us a glimpse into his inner journey of loving Baba.

Video: 9:12
Meherabad, India
Courtesy of the AMBCSC Archives
Uploaded: 1/27/2023

“We have to continue to do what Baba wants us to do”

During an afternoon at Mandali Hall, Baba’s sister Mani gives a moving description of her struggle to accept that her God-brother had dropped His body, and how she learned to keep living for Him.

Audio, 9:59
Meherazad, India
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded 1/27/2023

“The Old Poet”

Robert Dreyfuss was fortunate enough to meet Meher Baba in 1965, after an arduous journey hitchhiking across the globe to meet his Beloved. He later returned to Meherabad to live and work, during which time he developed close relationships with many of the Mandali, one of whom was Francis Brabazon. Francis was an Australian Mandali member, poet, and deep lover of Meher Baba. In this recording from Mandali Hall in 2007, Robert sits with Meherwan Jessawalla, and shares memories of moments spent with Francis.

Video, 11:21
Meherazad, India, 2007
Courtesy of Michael Le Page
Uploaded on 1/20/2023

“Everybody was drawn to Him”

Naja Rustom Irani was Baba’s cousin, and grew up on the same lane as young Merwan in Pune. At the request of Baba’s mother Shireenmai, Naja began preparing and serving food to Baba at the age of twelve or thirteen. This was the start of a lifetime of service to the Avatar. She became one of Baba’s early female Mandali members, and spent the majority of her life cooking for Him in the ashram. In this talk, Naja shares stories from Baba’s childhood in Pune, the time period after Babajan’s Kiss, and the gathering of His early Mandali and formation of Manzil-e-Meem.

Audio, 25:29
September 1972
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded on 1/20/2023

“Happy New Year in Baba’s Love”

This is a new song written and recorded by Billy Goodrum, which he graciously shared at the New Year’s program on Center.

Video, 2:02
December 31, 2022
Uploaded on 1/20/2023

“Just follow His instructions”

In this talk, Bhau Kalchuri, Baba’s Mandali member and night watchman, tells stories about being with Baba. He focuses especially on the challenging (and sometimes humorous) ways that Baba taught him to follow His orders, no matter what. Bhau also discusses writing Meher Baba’s biography, Lord Meher.

Video, 47:46
Meher Center Meeting Place, July 3, 1995
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 1/13/2023

“That consciousness is that love, isn’t it?”

This conversation followed the talk on consciousness given by Kitty Davy that was presented in last week’s offering. She shares more about keeping Meher Baba close in everything we do, about living by faith, and about the process of freeing God within ourselves.

Audio, 15:38
June 1977
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded 1/13/2023