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“The Greatest of My Sufferings”: Meher Baba’s Accident in America

This video, first shared in 2021, was lovingly created by the Heartland Center about Meher Baba’s long-foretold automobile accident on May 24, 1952, outside of Prague, Oklahoma. Beginning with the background of Baba’s long connection with the West, it goes on to provide wrenching accounts of the accident itself, stories of care and recovery in the Prague hospital, and perhaps a glimpse into the meaning of the Avatar spilling His blood on American soil.

Video, 59:57
Courtesy of the AMB Heartland Center
Uploaded 5/26/2023

Remembering Mehera

Mehera J. Irani was Meher Baba’s closest female disciple. Baba said that she was the one who loved Him as He should be loved. On May 20, 1989, Mehera left her physical form to unite with her Lord. This video is a remembrance of Mehera posted on the Center’s YouTube channel, with pictures of Baba and Mehera along with a poem by the Perfect Master Ramdas that Mehera sent to Myrtle Beach to be read in Baba’s presence. Here, we get a simple glimpse into Mehera’s pure love that wishes nothing more than to be in her Beloved’s company.

Video, 1:45
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 5/19/2023
This video contains excerpts from a longer film courtesy of the Sheriar Foundation. This film can be found here

“One’s love should be like Mira’s love”

During an afternoon at Meherazad, Baba’s beloved Mehera tells the story of Mirabai, a lover of Krishna. She describes the constant, whole-hearted devotion that eventually brought Mirabai to the arms of her Beloved—and then talks about how to give Baba our own love.

Audio, 17:34
Meherazad, India, 1972
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Full talk at, number PA-002A
Updated 5/19/2023

“Remember to try to be joyous”

Charmian Duce Knowles was the daughter of Murshida Ivy Duce, and was fortunate enough to spend time with Meher Baba and His mandali. In this talk, she begins with stories of the time period after Baba’s accident in Prague, Oklahoma, on May 24, 1952. She continues sharing her experiences through the next 17 years with Baba, offering us a small glimpse into what life was like in Baba’s orbit.

Video, 1:08:35
Meher Center Meeting Place, February 24, 1996
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 5/19/2023

“Being allowed to come within an arm’s length”

During this talk at the Meher Center Meeting Place last month, Steve Klein shares Baba stories and his own writings (or “Prosems,” as he calls them). With his characteristic humor, Steve touches on themes like being natural with Baba and the multifarious means that Baba employs to break down the egos of His lovers.

Video, 57:30
Meher Center Meeting Place, April 28, 2023
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded on 5/12/2023

“I will have a good night’s sleep leaving everything to Baba”

In this recording, Eruch delves into the question of pleasing Baba as a business person, and how to handle the elements of dishonesty that are often unavoidable when striving for success. He stresses that Baba wants us to succeed, that He would be displeased by one who did not put all their efforts into making smart financial decisions, even at the cost of someone else losing. But that also, it is all illusion, and one must keep their conscience clear and their focus on God.

Audio, 12:35
Mandali Hall, Meherazad, India, February 22, 1981
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Full talk at, number KG-157A
Uploaded 5/12/2023