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“The most familiar thing in the universe”
In this 1970s era video, a young Charles Haynes talks about his time with Baba at the Center in 1958. Charles relates the sublime experience of being with Baba through the eyes of an eight-year-old child: from his first glimpse of Him in the Lagoon Cabin, to an unforgettable car ride, to a deep and abiding recognition of His love.
Video, 21:14
Courtesy of the Irwin Luck Interview Series
Uploaded on 9/23/2022
“His orders were strict”
In this audio, Dr Goher, Meher Baba’s close woman Mandali and doctor, narrates her early life with Baba. She shares the story of her family’s old connection with Baba, an ominous dream her father had, and her father’s decision to move his well-established family from Quetta to Ahmednagar. She also shares her mother’s conviction of Baba as God. Eventually, she talks about going to Bombay to study medicine under Baba’s direction—revealing His lifelong plan for her.
Audio 33:21
Meherazad India, 1987
Courtesy of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California
Uploaded on 9/23/2022
“Being here in Baba’s orbit”
In this video from the early 1970s, Phyllis and Lyn Ott welcome us into their home and studio on Meher Spiritual Center. They show some of their transcendental artwork and talk about the process of creating it. They also speak about the timeless moments they spent in the physical presence of the Master, and His constant and continued role in their lives.
Video, 46:59
Myrtle Beach, S.C., 1970s
Courtesy of the Irwin Luck Interview Series
Uploaded on 9/16/2022
“Sometimes He would make Himself so familiar that we forgot in His own presence who He is”
In this nimble talk, Eruch Jessawala recalls tales from his childhood with Meher Baba, who first communicated with slate and chalk then with an alphabet board. Eruch learned to read Baba’s rapidly moving fingers. Years later, on October 7, 1954, Meher Baba called the Mandali to Him to tell them He was discarding the board. Eruch relates, “We would speak to Him and He would just remain gazing at us.” Now came the arduous task of learning the system of hand gestures that Baba would use for the rest of His days on earth.
Audio, 9:16
Meherazad, India, September 22, 1972
Courtesy of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California
Uploaded on 9/16/2022
Virtual Meher Center Board & Community Sharing
In this recording of the Zoom presentation held last weekend, Meher Center board members share the current financial, programmatic and general updates related to the Center. The video also includes an uplifting sneak peek into the loving experience of Youth Sahavas 2022 through a musical slideshow.
Video, 24:52
Virtual Meeting, September 4, 2022
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded on 9/9/2022
“His love was something that kept us to Him”
In this talk, Dr. Hoshang Bharucha, devoted lover of Meher Baba, medical doctor, and the author of Meher Baba’s Last Sahavas and Glimpses of Guruprasad, describes his last meeting with Baba on October 18, 1968. He goes on to tell a fascinating love story of a family who traveled a great distance to have Baba’s darshan. They stood in the queue for hours. So many people were in line, the darshan ended before they could even catch a glimpse of Baba. There is a surprise ending to the story of how they did indeed have Baba’s darshan that involved them being locked in a garage!
Audio 13:17
July 16, 1981
Courtesy of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California
Uploaded on 9/9/2022