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“Build a cable of love between you and Baba”

Bili Eaton first met Baba in 1952 in New York City in the home of Ivy Duce. In this recording, she starts with narrating a metaphysical experience she had before meeting Baba while she was an atheist. Then, when she saw Baba, she had a “physical electric shock.” She recounts other experiences that led her closer to Baba.

Video, 51:19
Meher Center Meeting Place, February 26, 1998
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 9/1/2023

“Surrendering is the thing”

Faredoon Driver, nicknamed “Padri” by Baba because of his tall, priest-like stature, spent his life in service to the Avatar. In this selection of a recording taken at Meherabad in 1972, Padri discusses the spiritual path. He stresses that there are no shortcuts on the path to God, that it requires many, many lifetimes. We must surrender to Him, and, as Padri puts it, “He’ll take care of the rest.”

Audio, 4:58
Meherabad, India, September 1972
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded 9/1/2023

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Walking with the Master, Volume 3

This seven part series is filmed by Baba’s brother, Jal Irani, in Poona in 1961. After extensive color correction, we are able to accompany the Master walking through His birth city. In Volume 3, we get to join Baba on a walk around Guruprasad with some of His dearest disciples.

Video, 2:11
Poona, India, 1961
Courtesy of AMBCSC Archives and Meher Baba Library
Uploaded 8/25/2023

“The Avatar forgives everything”

In Part Two of this talk, Bhau addresses the important question of cultivating trust in Baba and tackles the subject of hypocrisy. Through stories from Baba’s life, he brings home the power of faith, His constant protection and everlasting forgiveness.

Video, 33:13
Meher Center Meeting Place, June 1, 1990
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 8/18/2023

Baba works on Mani

In this previously shared lively talk about speed typing for Baba, Mani tells a moving story that illustrates how Baba works on us. She says, “While He allows us the opportunity to do His work or to feel we are doing His work, He’s doing the real work on us.”

Audio, 9:22
Meherazad, India, July 25, 1987
Courtesy of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California
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Uploaded on 8/18/2023

“You can’t be educated in love, you have to catch it”

In Part One of this engaging talk, Bhau Kalchuri shares his experiences as one of Baba’s mandali to bring home profound lessons on obedience and surrender. Bhau reveals the uniqueness of Baba’s ways, where there are no techniques, just the simple yet difficult task of loving Him and receiving His constant help.

Video, 49:40
Meher Center Meeting Place, June 1, 1990
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 8/15/2023

“Just a little and Baba helps”

Ali Akbar Shapurzaman, known as Aloba, first met Baba at the Prem Ashram spiritual school in 1927. The only student from the school to become a resident Mandali member, Aloba spent his life in service to Baba. In this excerpt of a talk at Mandali Hall, Aloba gives advice on doing Baba work and the process of sharing Baba’s love and name with others.

Audio, 7:55
Mandali Hall, Meherazad, India, August 4, 1987
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
For the full recording, click here
Uploaded 8/15/2023