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Meher Baba Visits His Arangaon Lovers

This inspiring and joyous video by Bob Fredericks weaves together immortal footage of a visit Baba paid to His lovers in Arangaon in 1960 with a description of the visit by Baba’s sister Mani. We are transported to the little village near Meherabad as it receives God with immense celebration and love.

Video, 15:05
Arangaon, India, January 2, 1960
Courtesy of Bob Fredericks
Uploaded 2/24/2023

“The chance to obey My order”

Mehernath Kalchuri is the son of Bhau Kalchuri, Meher Baba’s beloved watchman and author of Lord Meher. In this video, Mehernath shares countless stories demonstrating Baba’s love for His devotees and the lessons He taught them. For example, Baba once asked His Mandali member Vishnu to bring Him His alphabet board, and when Vishnu started walking uphill barefoot, Baba gave him His slippers. Vishnu said, “Baba, I will obey whatever you say, but those are God’s slippers, I can never wear them.” Baba teaches him the importance of truly obeying God’s word, and not just going along with cultural customs. This is just one short story from a treasure trove of Baba memories that truly makes you feel like you are right in the room, sitting and listening to Mehernath.

Video, 1:22:52
Meher Center Meeting Place, June 15, 2013
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 2/17/2023

“Trying my very best”

During a chat in Mandali Hall, Katie describes how she started cooking for Baba during the Blue Bus tours. She had “never been in the kitchen in [her] life” when Baba called her to Him along with Eruch’s sister Manu and asked them to cook for all 35 of the women on the journey. Despite their apprehension, both said yes. Katie would find joy in the kitchen for the rest of her life.

Audio, 5:34
November 30, 1999, Mandali Hall, Meherazad, India
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded 2/17/2023

“He was very much at home with you”

In this talk given at Meher Center on Amartithi last week, Irwin Luck shares with us his firsthand account of being present at Baba’s internment in February 1969. Amidst his story, he weaves in details of his experiences meeting Baba in person, his father’s relationship with Baba, and an engaging explanation of the understanding of consciousness Baba imparted in him.

Video 1:09:19
Meher Center Meeting Place, January 31, 2023
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 2/10/2023

“Baba gives us the condition, but also helps us to abide by it”

Bal Natu first had Baba’s darshan on a train platform in Nagpur in 1944. He was granted Baba’s permission to visit the ashram anytime, and thus, in the later years, spent his time off from work staying with Baba at Guruprasad and Meherazad. He came to live in Meherazad permanently in 1977, delighting pilgrims with his stories of life with Baba. In this lighthearted recording, Bal shares a few anecdotes about Baba’s message on worry, wrapping up with a humorous story of a time he shared his own worry with Baba.

Audio, 12:37
Mandali Hall, Meherazad, August 11, 1987
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded 2/10/2023

54th Amartithi Barn Program

Please join us for the Center’s celebration of Meher Baba’s 54th Amartithi. This hour in the Barn includes stories and songs about the Beloved, prayers and Arti, and fifteen minutes of silence in remembrance of His ever-present love.

Video 58:28
Meher Center Barn, January 31, 2023
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 2/3/2023

“So much Baba has given to the World”

In part two of this talk recorded in Mandali Hall in September, 1972, Naja continues to tell stories of her life with Baba. In her sweet and unassuming anecdotes, Naja shares with us a range of topics, from memories of lovers whom Baba helped overcome addiction, to the choice Baba presented to Naja herself to either stay and serve, or leave Him and return to the World.

Audio 22:23
September 1972
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded 2/3/2023