A Meher Center Tour for Bal Natu

In 2001, Marshall Hay, on behalf of the Meher Center, did a very intimate tour of the Center for a very unique purpose. This was a virtual tour especially for Bal Natu, one of Meher Baba’s Mandali who lived in Meherazad, India. Bal was one of the few Mandali members who had never been to the Center. By 2001 his health had declined significantly and it was clear that he would never come. This tour is a delightful visual treat for any onlooker, as Marshall directly addresses Bal with humor and respect, while taking him through the exquisite beauty of the Center, and fusing the experience with lesser known details of Baba’s visits.

Video, 31:21
Meher Center, October 18, 2001
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives