An Offering from Meherazad

A note by Kacy Cook, from Meherazad:

It was quite important to Beloved Baba’s Mehera that during each Indian summer, March-May, a few flowers from her garden be offered to Baba in His room in preparation for morning and evening Arti. Sometimes due to the summer heat it was only a few marigolds or perhaps blossoms from a summer-blooming tree that made up the offering.

But this year during March and April the flowers in Baba and Mehera’s garden (and now too from the afforested areas) were in unusual and beautiful abundance and inspired some wonderful summer floral arrangements and offerings in Baba’s Room. They seemed to be an exceptional antidote to the pandemic and surely would have made dearest Mehera smile!

Supported by Karl Moeller’s enchanting music, here are photos from March and April 2020 to bring you into Beloved Baba’s Room and share in His beautiful Presence.

Beloved Avatar Meher Baba ki Jai!

Video, 7:41