“Baba gives us the condition, but also helps us to abide by it”

Bal Natu first had Baba’s darshan on a train platform in Nagpur in 1944. He was granted Baba’s permission to visit the ashram anytime, and thus, in the later years, spent his time off from work staying with Baba at Guruprasad and Meherazad. He came to live in Meherazad permanently in 1977, delighting pilgrims with his stories of life with Baba. In this lighthearted recording, Bal shares a few anecdotes about Baba’s message on worry, wrapping up with a humorous story of a time he shared his own worry with Baba.

Audio, 12:37
Mandali Hall, Meherazad, August 11, 1987
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded 2/10/2023