“Baba wants us not to expect, but to accept”

Rustom and Sohrab Irani are Baba’s nephews, and were fortunate enough to grow up in Baba’s close circle. Baba was such an integral part of their childhood that, as they touch upon in this talk, they did nothing without first asking for Baba’s permission. In this hilarious and delightful recording, the twins regale us with tales such as impersonating a female American Baba lover, playing marbles with Baba on the day of His accident in Satara, and Baba’s opinion on their choice to grow mustaches. They also weave in several songs which they perform with enthusiasm.

Video, 1:18:13
Meher Center Meeting Place, August 31, 2011
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 4/7/2023