On the anniversary of Baba’s first visit to the Center in April of 1952, we share this rare and invaluable footage of Elizabeth Patterson—one of Meher Baba’s female mandali and founder of Meher Center. Here, she speaks in great detail about the Center. She begins with the search that she and Norina Matchabelli undertook to find the perfect place for Baba’s home in the West, and goes on to talk about the construction of the Center, its purpose, and Baba’s three visits. Elizabeth’s whole-hearted focus and devotion to her Beloved shine through her every word.

Video, 1:18:14
Dilruba, Meher Center, Myrtle Beach, 1977
Courtesy of MEFA: Meher Baba Film Archive International, thanks to Pete Townsend
Uploaded 4/26/2024