“For love of Him, you’ll do anything”

Filis Frederick was born in 1915, and first came into Baba’s orbit in 1942 after meeting Baba’s “Trio,” Princess Norina Matchabelli, Countess Nadine Tolstoy and Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson. She felt an instantaneous connection to the three women, and through living with them came to accept Baba as the Avatar. She met Baba for the first time at the Center in Myrtle Beach in 1952, and during that visit was given permission by Baba to write a publication dedicated to Him, which took the shape of The Awakener Magazine. In this talk, Filis discusses what it means to work for Baba, and how to put yourself aside in order to love God through service.

Video, 21:35
Courtesy of the AMBCSC Archives