“From here to here”

Robert Dreyfuss first heard Baba’s name in 1965. With his friend Rick Chapman, Robert saw a Baba quote on the door of Alan Cohen’s office at Harvard. Through Alan he learned who Baba was. Here, he narrates the eventful story of hitchhiking over land to India, his meeting with Baba in Meherazad, and Baba’s instruction to him: “Tell those that are [taking drugs], that if drugs could make one realize God, then God is not worthy of being God.” By Baba’s express wish, Allan Cohen, Robert Dreyfus and Rick Chapman became the three principle spokespersons to spread Baba’s message about drugs in the West.

Video, 1:01:09
Meher Center Meeting Place, April 3, 1996
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives