“He asked us to be conscious of His love for us”

In part one of this audio, Kitty Davy is interviewed by Alan Cohen about her remarkable life with Meher Baba. While taking a medical break from her career as a music teacher she heard about Baba from Meridith Starr and her brother Herbert who believed that Baba was someone like Christ. It so happened that Kitty found herself receiving Meher Baba at Victoria Station in London in 1931 and took Him to her house where Baba stayed. More personal contact followed when Baba assured His help toward her brother Herbert, granted Kitty’s deepest desire and revealed how Kitty had been with Him for ages. When Baba called her to join Him in 1932, Kitty went on to give herself in love and service to Baba while learning to serve, surrender and obey.

Audio, 43:27
Meher Center, April 16, 1978
Courtesy of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California