“He has given each one of you the gift of conviction in Meher Baba’s divinity”

In this talk, Naosherwan Anzar shares stories and experiences of his life with Meher Baba, which began when Baba first held him as an infant. He goes on to share stories of his family’s devotion to Baba, and his enthusiasm as a teenager to renounce the world and join Baba who cabled back: “Renounce nothing but your present attitude.”

He then relates the last instruction he received from Baba in May 1965, and his realization of the magnitude of the responsibility Baba bestowed upon him that led to the publication of the Glow Magazine, the founding of The Beloved Archives and a life dedicated to telling the world about Meher Baba.

Video, 1:16:50
Meher Center Meeting Place, October 20, 2018
From the Meher Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 3/17/2023