“He was radiant like the sun”

Khosrow Namiranian was one of the last surviving Prem Ashram boys. He was also part of the Hazarat Babajan school created by Baba. Here, he recounts incidents of meditating with Baba, playing games with Him and kissing His feet at eight years old. He also shares his first meeting with Baba when he was in a line of boys to see Baba, because he was the shortest, he got to see His radiant form first. Finally, he answers questions about Baba’s impact on his life ever since and shares his prayers to Baba. Khosrow’s talk is translated from Persian, by his nephew, Farshid Namiranian.

Video, 50:24

Meher Center Meeting Place, November 19, 1999

From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives