“If you rely on Baba, just blindly, He’s sure to be at your side. He will never leave you”

In part one of this talk, Mehroo Billimoria describes how she found out about Meher Baba in 1942 from her supervisors at work. She was only 24 years old. Like many others who were to meet Baba, she prepared a list of questions. She planned to quiz Him on Zoroaster. The moment she saw Baba, the questions evaporated: she fell in love with Him. Mehroo speaks of her faith and reliance on Baba and how even in the darkest of times, when she reached out to Him, He was there.

Audio 22:57
Meherabad India, 1980’s
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
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Uploaded on 11/4/2022