“Just to see Baba’s enjoyment”

In this recording from Mandali Hall, Baba’s sister Mani share stories of making Baba laugh. With all her usual enthusiasm and charisma, Mani talks about how much Baba loved humor, and the great delight everyone got from witnessing Baba’s own enjoyment and silent laughter. Toward the end of the recording, Baba’s nephew Sohrab jumps in to help Mani tell the tale of when he impersonated Baba at a darshan program in Guruprasad, a story shared in the Twins’ talk from a recent offering with a splendid new perspective offered by Mani.

Audio, 4:54
Meherazad, India, August 15, 1987
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded on 4/21/2023