“The chance to obey My order”

Mehernath Kalchuri is the son of Bhau Kalchuri, Meher Baba’s beloved watchman and author of Lord Meher. In this video, Mehernath shares countless stories demonstrating Baba’s love for His devotees and the lessons He taught them. For example, Baba once asked His Mandali member Vishnu to bring Him His alphabet board, and when Vishnu started walking uphill barefoot, Baba gave him His slippers. Vishnu said, “Baba, I will obey whatever you say, but those are God’s slippers, I can never wear them.” Baba teaches him the importance of truly obeying God’s word, and not just going along with cultural customs. This is just one short story from a treasure trove of Baba memories that truly makes you feel like you are right in the room, sitting and listening to Mehernath.

Video, 1:22:52
Meher Center Meeting Place, June 15, 2013
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
Uploaded 2/17/2023