“The guiding hand of God”

Louis Agostini first began seeking a higher truth when as a young child he suddenly recognized the inevitability of death. This search took him everywhere from beginning training as a Catholic priest to becoming secretary for Paul Brunton (who, while writing his famous book, In Search of Secret India, had garnered an unimpressive view of Meher Baba). Then, in 1960, Louis found himself at Meher Center with Kitty, Elizabeth, and a number of Baba books. At long last, Baba’s truths began to answer his deep-seated questions. When he met Baba two years later at the East-West gathering, all he could whisper was, “thank You for everything.”

Video, 56:13
Meher Center Meeting Place, November 9, 2002
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives