“The main thing is taking His name”

Mansari came to Meher Baba in 1938, when she was 29 years old. A few years later, when Baba and the rest of the women Mandali moved from Meherabad Hill to Meherazad, Baba ordered Mansari to stay behind. From that time until her death in 1997, Mansari did not leave Meherabad Hill, and a source of chai, chat, and inspiration for numerous pilgrims. This is a recording of one of those chats on Meherabad Hill. In it, she talks of various subjects, including stories related to marriage; her own perspectives on divorce; and most of all the importance that Baba placed on taking His name, whatever we are thinking, feeling, or doing.

Audio, 23:21
Meherabad India October 19,1988
Courtesy of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California