“The most outstanding person”

In this video, Louis and Vivian Agostini share glimpses of their experiences with Baba. Louis worked for Paul Brunton, the spiritual thinker who wrote The Search for Secret India. Initially, Louis was put off by Brunton’s unflattering description of Meher Baba. But when Louis read God Speaks, its “depth and simplicity” changed the course of his life. Vivian, an artist, describes her deep desire to create a likeness of Baba. She eventually created a small Baba medal trying to capture the “unforgettable grandeur of expression in His eyes.” Mani told her that Baba was very pleased with it, and that it was one of the best portraits done of Him.

Video, 20:53
Brooklyn, NY, August 4, 1971
Courtesy of the Irwin Luck Interview Series
Uploaded on 11/11/2022