The Secretary: A Comedy of Discipleship

The Secretary is a 35-minute play written by Philip Lutgendorf in 1973. Its sole character is the secretary for Meher Baba’s production company, Parvardigar Productions, played whole-heartedly by Susan Smith. Through her focused and tireless work for her boss, who is “out of the office” for 700 years, we catch a glimpse of how we might dedicate our lives to, and ultimately please, our own Beloved. The play is bookended by a musical performance by Susan’s husband and stage manager Darryl Smith, as well as the story of the original actress who starred in the play as a long-awaited response to Baba’s call.

Video, 1:06:34
Meher Center Meeting Place, March 23, 2019
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives