“We held on to His hands, for dear life”

Fred and Ella Winterfeldt (fondly called “Fredella” by Meher Baba) came to the United States from Germany and learned of Baba in 1948. In 1971, they moved to the Meher Center and touched the hearts of many with their love. In this audio recording, Fred talks of his deep search for God, and their first meeting with Baba in 1952 at the Meher Center, when Ella ran into Baba’s arms and Baba invited them into His intimate family. This intimacy is revealed in Baba’s coming over to their home in New York to watch television, playing marbles with Fred in Meherabad, and many more profound and simple details of their lives.

Audio, 1:10:25
Meher Center, October 1974
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives