Meher Baba’s Call

Edited by Chris Riger from the original 35 mm footage, this film features the 1954 men’s savahas at Meherabad, India, which came to be know as the “Three Incredible Weeks”. Narrated by Darwin Shaw, an early American devotee of Meher Baba and an attendee at the event, the film succeeds beautifully in conveying the spirit of the sahavas.

I Am The One Reality

The film I AM THE ONE REALITY was inspired by the discovery of rare and never-before-seen film footage of Meher Baba taken by Elizabeth Patterson in 1933, in India and Italy. Part One tells the story of the Western women disciples' first trip to India to be with Baba and to meet His Eastern women disciples. Part Two is of Baba's second visit to Portofino, Italy, later that year, with a group of Western and Eastern disciples.

At Meher Center in 1958

This video entitled Avatar Meher Baba’s Universal Message, was recorded in 1958 during His visit to the Center. Meherwan Jessawala, a follower of Meher Baba since childhood, narrates the Universal Message dictated by Baba.

Meher Baba’s Life & Message

This excellent introduction to Meher Baba includes an overview of His life, work, and spiritual message. Compiled and edited by Peter Booth, a long-time resident of Meherabad, India.