Youth Sahavas Staff Job Descriptions 2024

All Youth Sahavas staff must make the work their priority for the entire week, beginning with orientation and ending with clean-up after Sahavas. Staff members must contribute to their team’s effort, and work in full cooperation with their team’s leader, the Sahavas coordinators, and with the Center’s administration and staff.  

Counselor Staff

Purpose:  To facilitate a community of teens coming together at Baba’s home, and to help provide and create safety, communication, play and most importantly an environment of Baba’s love.


1)  Be responsible 24 hours a day to the teens that are assigned to you for emotional, psychological and physical support.

2)  Observe and enforce all guidelines and rules of the Center and Youth Sahavas.

3)  Follow through on all counselor requirements, including but not limited to:

  •  attendance and participation in all counselor meetings
  •  facilitation of workshops, discussion groups, or activities assigned to you
  •  monitoring of the teens in your group
  •  supervision of and participation in the maintenance of your cabin and Center areas assigned to your group

4)  Finally, being a counselor requires a willingness and ability to put one’s own issues and needs aside to focus on the experience of the attendees.  This is one of the most challenging and important aspects of the counselor’s job.  It requires you to be flexible, strong in yourself, communicative, open to Baba, and focused on His Love.

Workerwalla Staff 

Purpose: To be in service to the entire Youth Sahavas community.

Duties: Assist with all logistical aspects of Youth Sahavas, including but not limited to: registration, beach duty, program set-up/clean-up, and Center maintenance. Workerwallas must have a willingness to be in Service, and the ability to learn and adapt over the week. Workerwallas work 12 hour days in pairs, groups, and also individually. 

There are four major Workerwalla “roles” requiring specific skills: Beach supervision strong swimming, observation and focus skills; shuttles and errands – drivers license and (for some) ability to drive standard shift; activity set up – moving, lifting, carrying, assembling all kinds of things; independent work – cleaning and maintenance, self-directed and following directions.

Kitchen Staff 

Purpose:  To make sure that all who are involved with the Youth Sahavas are well-fed.

Duties:  Shopping, organization, preparation, execution, and service for all meals served at the Sahavas.  Job assignments can begin at 5:30 a.m., and the work is hot and demanding.  No cooking experience required.  

Art Tent Staff 

Purpose:  To help create a space where Sahavas participants can explore different media for artistic expression throughout the week.

Duties:  Set up and decorate the art tent, and break it down the last day (including labeling and packing up all supplies and materials); organize materials and supplies in the art tent; staff the art tent daily; assist workshop leaders in the art tent as needed; encourage and assist Sahavas participants with ongoing projects.

Musicwalla Staff 

Purpose:  To work with on-site coordinators in planning and implementing the various musical activities during the Youth Sahavas. 

Duties: Conduct music workshops, help with the square dance, play at morning and afternoon Artis, hold jams during beach, play at the Dhuni, help participants prepare for the Celebration, help with Celebration performances, play at the Barn program, play spontaneously during the event, and be available for casual interactions with participants in relation to music. 

Dishwalla Staff  

Purpose:  Provide clean-up for all food service:  pre, during, and after Sahavas.

Duties:  Assist with set-up of Youth Sahavas kitchen and clean up area; clean all kitchen equipment before Sahavas begins; provide clean up for all pre, during and post-Sahavas meals; coordinate with kitchen staff throughout Sahavas, and with pre and-post volunteer cooks before and after the event.                   

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