There are many books by and about Meher Baba’s life, work, teachings and His intimate times with His close disciples, many of which have been translated into different languages. 


Books by Meher Baba

Discourses: A practical guide to living the spiritual life. In these discourses, Baba explains the need for a spiritual master, reincarnation, elimination of the ego, impressions of the mind, selfless service, meditation, and much more. Free PDF Available

God SpeaksIn His magnum opus, Meher Baba presents the cosmology of the universe. He explains the nature of God, creation of the universe, evolution of consciousness, and God consciousness. Free PDF Available

The Everything and the Nothing: Sixty-five messages by Meher Baba from the early 1960s.  Free PDF Available

Life at its Best: Short discourses given during Meher Baba’s 1956 tour of the U.S. Free PDF Available

Beams on the Spiritual Panorama: Thirteen dynamic essays about the inner mechanics of the spiritual journey. Free PDF Available


Introduction to Meher Baba’s Life

The Beloved, by Naosherwan Anzar: Full of heart and love, this biography combines text, annotations, and 165 photographs to provide a fascinating record of Meher Baba’s early childhood; His contacts with His spiritual Masters; and the fifty subsequent years of extraordinary work.

The Silent Messenger, by Tom & Dorothy Hopkinson: The Silent Messenger charts an overview of the life of Meher Baba and His major teachings.

Meher Baba The Awakener, by Charles Haynes: Drawing primarily on Meher Baba’s own explanations of the Avatar’s life and work, this book explores the dynamics of His universal awakening of love. Free PDF Available


Books about Meher Baba that Include Discourses by Him

Listen Humanity, by Don Stevens: A favorite introductory book on Meher Baba, which includes a lively narrative of a four-week sahavas in 1955 and more than 100 pages of messages by Baba. Free PDF Available

The Wayfarers, by William Donkin: Chronicles a major part of Meher Baba’s work during His lifetime: contacting thousands of spiritually advanced souls throughout India. It includes Baba’s discourses regarding those advanced souls He referred to as masts who are intoxicated with God. Free PDF Available

Stay with God, by Francis Brabazon: A poetic account of mankind’s journey to God. It includes several of Baba’s discourses. Free PDF Available


Life with Meher Baba as Told by His Disciples –  His Mandali

Glimpses of the God-Man, Volumes 1 to 6, by Bal Natu: This six volume series serves as an excellent introduction to Baba’s life. It covers Meher Baba’s activities from 1943 to 1954. Free PDF Available 

Mehera-Meher a Divine Romance, by David Fenster: Mehera-Meher is the story of an intimate, divine romance between Meher Baba and His closest female disciple, Mehera J. Irani. This three-volume set draws deeply from Mehera’s first-hand narrative gathered from more than 200 hours of tape recordings made by the author.

The Joyous Path, by Heather Nadel: This two-volume book about Mani S. Irani (Meher Baba’s sister and close disciple)  draws from her diaries, recordings of her talks, her letters, and from Heather’s many years of working closely with Mani as her personal assistant. Heather has created a deep, masterful portrait of Mani’s total, life-long devotion to her brother, the God Man.

Love Alone Prevails, by Kitty Davy: Kitty Davy, one of the earliest of Meher Baba’s Western disciples, weaves the story of her fifty years with Meher Baba.

The Dance of Love, by Margaret Craske: With humor, love, and incomparable wit, Miss Craske shares wonderful tales of her sixty-year relationship with Meher Baba. Free PDF Available

As Only God Can Love, by Darwin Shaw: Darwin Shaw presents a phenomenal memoir of a man who spent most of his life following and serving the being he saw as the Christ. Free PDF Available


Biographies of Meher Baba

Lord Meher, by Bhau Kalchuri — Meher Baba requested that His disciple Bhau Kalchuri write His biography. The result is this monumental, 7,000 page biography, presenting a most detailed story of Meher Baba’s life. Composed of almost daily accounts of the Avatar’s life, it draws on diaries, journals, messages, and hundreds of personal interviews. It is lavishly illustrated with photographs of Meher Baba taken throughout His life.

Lord Meher Online Version

The God Man, by Charles Purdom: Part One of this book gives a clear account of all the periods of Baba’s life and includes many messages and discourses from Baba. Part Two contains more subjective essays by Purdom about Baba. An epilogue by Delia DeLeon about Baba dropping His physical form in 1969 is also part of the book. Free PDF Available



Sheriar Books: Books, videos, photographs, music, and art are available at the bookstore which is located across the highway from the Meher Center, Myrtle Beach.  

Meher Baba Bookstore: Los Angeles.

Meher Book House: Hyderabad, India.


Online Libraries

Avatar Meher Baba Trust Online Library: Many books by and about Meher Baba can be downloaded from the Trust website.