Video and Audio Talks

By Meher Baba’s Disciples

Mandali Hall Talks: This website offers over 2,000 hours of talks given by Baba’s Mandali and those who met Him.

Meher Spiritual Center Digital Offerings : Library of talks, music and presentations shared by Meher Spiritual Center.

God In Human Form: This video documentary is a comprehensive yet concise biography of Avatar Meher Baba. Through the creative use of rare photographs, film footage and unique selections of music—the elements are woven together to present a clear perspective of this most remarkable life.



Youtube Channels dedicated to Meher Baba

Meher Spiritual Center YouTube Channel

Robin Vogel’s YouTube Channel

Michael Le Page’s YouTube Channel

David Fenster’s YouTube Channel

There are many additional videos of Meher Baba on Youtube and on other websites.