“He was the answer for everything I didn’t know I’d been searching for”

Rano Gayley first met Baba in 1933, and spent the rest of her life in His service as a member of His mandali. In this special recording from Meher Center in 1970, Rano speaks to a group for the first time about her life with Baba. She begins her talk by sharing about her initial meeting with Meher Baba, a moment that changed the course of her life forever. To listen to the full talk, click the link below.

Audio, 13:23
Meher Spiritual Center, Myrtle Beach, July 11th 1970
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Full talk: Click here, and find NC-072
Uploaded 5/10/2024

“Search your heart for an answer”

In this short but powerful recording, at Eruch’s request, Devana Brown reads Baba’s message to a priest who comes to Baba asking for a vision of Christ. This lovely message penetrates all our hearts to create more yearning and love for God.

Audio, 4:24
Mandali Hall, Meherazad, August 6th, 1989
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded 4/19/2024

“We know without a doubt that He is with us”

In this recording, Baba’s sister Mani speaks to the question of whether or not the mandali miss Baba’s physical form. She says that, “although we would happily go through the New Life a thousand times over just to be in His company,” they also know and feel thast Baba is still with them.

Audio, 2:28

Mandali Hall, Meherazad, October 18th, 1986
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
For the full recording, click NC-060

“Baba named all the animals”

In this amusing recording, Katie Irani shares stories about Baba’s animals on Meherabad Hill before the New Life. From Jumpu, the smelly monkey, to Moti, the spiteful peacock, and Nutty and Gutty, the two English pigs who kept Katie up all night.Through this grand menagerie of animals including dogs, cats, turkey, geese ducks and chickens, we learn of challenges and obedience.

Audio, 16:03
November 30th, 1999, Mandali Hall, Meherazad
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded 4/5/2024

“Love consumes you until you are no more”

In this talk given in Mandali Hall, Eruch addresses the ever-present question of, “how do we love God?” Utilizing a series of examples given by Baba when answering that very question, Eruch illustrates the difference between human and divine love, stressing that constant remembrance of the Avatar is the first step toward loving Him.

Audio, 26:30
Meherazad, India, August 1980
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
Uploaded 3/22/2024

“A Perfect Love”

In this beautiful recording, Filis Frederick shares precious tidbits of the early days at the Center, back when they had to wear “jungle boots” to hack through the Youpon, and Baba’s first visit was an unknown moment in the future for which everyone was preparing enthusiastically. Elizabeth Patterson chimes in to offer further details here and there. Filis goes on to describe her long-awaited first meeting with Baba, in which she felt she “was just drowning in Baba’s love.”

Audio, 30:28
Recorded at Meher Center, May 2, 1971
Meher Spiritual Center Archives
Uploaded 3/15/2024

“The Avatar Himself is the shortcut”

Darwin Shaw was a devoted disciple of Meher Baba, who had the good fortune to meet the Avatar for the first time in 1934. Darwin went on to become instrumental in the development of Meher Center. In this recording, Darwin shares an overview of the spiritual path laid out by Meher Baba, ending with a poignant message given by Baba at Longchamps restaurant in New York City in 1956.

Audio, 5:53
El Cerrito, CA, July 7, 1976
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
For full talk, click here and go to NC-027
Uploaded 3/8/2024

“It should come spontaneously from the mouth of the guru”

Hazrat Babajan was a Perfect Master whom Meher Baba referred to as “The Emperor.” With one kiss between the eyes in 1914, she brought about young Meherwan Irani’s realization of His Infinite Self. In this recording, one of Meher Baba’s long-time mandali members, Padri, shares stories of Baba and Babajan from the 1920’s.

Audio, 6:41
Meherabad, India, Date unknown
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
For full talk, click here and go to NC-002F
Uploaded 3/1/2024

“Baba’s miracle of His love”

In this brief, exquisite remembrance, Baba’s beloved Mehera talks about Baba’s beauty, His suffering, and His love.

Audio, 2:46
Meherazad, India, August 1977
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
For full talk, click here and go to DF-078B
Uploaded 2/16/2024

“When you come to Baba, leave your buffaloes behind”

In this amusing anecdote with a profound lesson, Mani narrates the story of a long journey. Baba wanted someone to bring Nilkanth Mast from Dehradun to Satara, a journey of 1200 miles, on a train. As travelling with masts can go, an adventure awaited the brave, old lady who took on the challenge. But the greatest of all challenges was to leave her buffaloes behind.

Audio, 14:24
Meherazad, India, October 1972
Courtesy of Mandali Hall Talks
For full talk, click here
Uploaded 2/9/2024