Virtual Amartithi Celebration

In this year’s virtual Amartithi Celebration, long-time Baba lover Rick Chapman shares his story of being at Meherabad for the final days of Meher Baba’s entombment in February of 1969. Accompanied by incredible photos and film footage along with musical performances by Jim Meyer, Jamie Newell, and Buz Connor; it’s a gathering not to be missed!

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January 31, 2024
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“You cannot be missed by Him”

Hardeep Hanspal is a long-time devoted lover of Meher Baba who resides at Meherabad with his wife, Indra. In this talk, Hardeep shares a delightful selection of stories about Meher Baba from his own life and the lives of others, weaving in the often miraculous incidents that took place around the Avatar.

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Meher Center, Meeting Place, July 22, 2011
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Who was Jesus of Nazareth

In this special presentation held on Center during the holidays, Jamie Newell explores the life and legacy of Jesus Christ as viewed through the lens of Meher Baba’s statements and teachings.

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Meher Center Meeting Place, December 29, 2023
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Following Meher Baba Panel

In this heartfelt panel conversation, Susan MacDonald talks to Wendy Connor, Jamshed Mistry and Alex Davis about their love for Baba. From varied walks of life and different entry points into Baba, the panelists share what it means to follow Baba. The questions lead to a lively discussion on love, remembrance, spreading His name and involving Him in our daily lives including work and family.

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Meher Center Meeting Place, December 27, 2023
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“He is not a dull Avatar”

In this spirited talk, Irwin Luck discusses the time he spent with Baba, but his recollection is not a plain recounting; it is interspersed with a lifelong reflection on what it is to be with Baba and belong to Him. Irwin first went to Baba because he wanted to know God and Baba indulged his request and changed the inner fabric of his being. His inner voice intuitively led him to New York from where he finally ended up in India. Tackling questions on metaphysics and beyond, Irwin describes Baba’s work in our lives through the effacement of the mind and finally through love—the only way to God.

Meher Center Meeting Place, November 23, 2023
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Beads on One String

Meher Baba said, “I shall revitalize all religions and cults, and bring them together like beads on one string.” In this presentation, Sevn McAuley explores Baba’s powerful saying by quoting more from Baba’s words and retelling anecdotes from Baba’s life to illustrate the concept. Finally, he speaks in detail of the five active pathways to God that Baba charted out, thus talking about Religious and mystical traditions of the world.

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Meeting Place, November 24, 2023
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“There sat Jesus!”

On the second night of his weekend talk at the Center, Charles Haynes captivates the audience with a heartfelt recounting of his time with Meher Baba in the body and the aftermath of meeting with Him. Charles goes on to share parts of his inner life with Baba and how life with Baba continues to be in the “Now.”

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Meeting Place, November 18, 2023
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“It was as natural as you walking”

Anita Vieillard first met Meher Baba in New York in November, 1931, brought along to Harmon-on-Hudson by Norina Matchabelli. In part two of this talk given at Meher Center, she shares stories of her experiences with Baba in Europe, India, and within her own heart. The recording ends with questions from those in the crowd, Anita answering each with humor, wit, and above all, a deep love for her Master, Meher Baba.

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Meher Spiritual Center, Meeting Place, September 25, 1987
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“They always put Baba first”

In this talk given at Meher Center last week, Charles Haynes regales us with stories of growing up with Elizabeth Patterson and Kitty Davy. Interwoven with equal parts heartfelt emotion and witty humor, Charles brings the two women to life, all the while highlighting their humble yet wholehearted focus on Meher Baba.

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Meeting Place, November 17, 2023
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An Integrated Darshana: Part 2

In Part Two of this series, Ward Parks focuses on Meher Baba’s signature concept: The Divine Theme. As Ward points out, this is Baba’s keynote idea that has never been given by the Avatar before. Ward uses Baba’s words and charts from various sources to pick our interest at what is essentially the biography of the soul and hence the narrative that applies to us all!

For Parts three to six, please click here.

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Meeting Place, October 21, 2023

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