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Videos are posted in the order they were sent out in the Weekly Offerings & Monthly Newsletters, with the most recent collection first.

“It was difficult to always obey Baba”

Rano Gayley was an artist, and one of Meher Baba’s early Western disciples who became a resident Meherazad Mandali until her death in 1986. Here she talks about the intimate times at the ashram, and Baba’s instructions to those living there; time spent in Myrtle Beach; and details of Baba’s 1952 automobile accident.

Audio, 44:14
Used with permission from Jim May

Meher Center Tour with Darwin Shaw and Daughters Leatrice and Renae

In this informal recording, Darwin Shaw, who was instrumental in the development of the Center, and his two daughters Leatrice and Renae, identify places that played a special role during Meher Baba’s visits in 1952, 1956 and 1958. They intersperse stories of their time with the Master as they show us the many spots around the Center where He gathered His lovers, and even the trees He rested under.

Video, 45:21
Meher Center, November 16, 1997
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives

The Nitrate Movies of Elizabeth Patterson

In 1933, Elizabeth Patterson filmed Meher Baba in India and Italy using a hand cranked 35mm movie camera. These short clips, painstakingly restored by the Meher Baba Film Archive International, are the only film record of that time.

Video, 5:12
From the film, I am the One Reality

Happy Birthday Mehera

This lovely video was created in celebration of what would have been Mehera’s 100th birthday in 2007. The clips of Mehera, and pictures of her with Meher Baba over 45 years with Him, are a testament to the divine beauty of Mehera’s unsurpassed love for her Beloved, and His love for her.

Video, 35:33
Directed by Kacy Cook, Edited by Robert Fredericks
Used with permission