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Welcome to My World

In this fascinating talk, Mani shares Baba’s unique gestures, His use of the alphabet, and His often-used phrases. Her demonstrations are intermixed with humorous and revealing stories about life with the Avatar. The video ends with Mani showing Baba’s hand movements to one of His favorite songs: “Welcome to My World.”

Video, 49:36
Meherazad, India
Courtesy of Sheriar Foundation

“To be with You…Always”

In her quintessential effervescence, Mani shares vignettes from her childhood with her God Brother. This lovely audio from Mandali Hall in Meherazad includes the story of Baba granting Mani a wish; eating a lollipop with Baba; and Mani’s famous tricycle that she hoped Baba would give her for her birthday.

Audio, 35:02
Mandali Hall, Meherazad, India, August 23, 1981
Mandali Hall Talks, Used with Permission

WBAI Radio Program, February 1976

This recording is a celebration of Meher Baba’s birthday In 1976 hosted by renowned religious scholar Lex Hixon. It features many of Baba’s followers in America, and is a wonderful blend of brief yet concise interviews, well-loved music, and readings of Baba’s messages. This historic program concludes with a beautiful recitation of “O Parvardigar.”

Audio, 59:08
WBAI Radio program, February 22, 1976
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives

“Baba’s ways are sweet”

Ali Akbar Shapurzaman, known as Aloba, became a disciple of Meher Baba in 1927 when he was a student at the Prem Ashram. He was known throughout his life for his passionate and fiery nature. Here, he shares a variety of stories about Meher Baba and His lovers, including stories about Meher Baba’s work during World War II and His connection with Iran.

Video, 40:12
Meher Center, April 1, 1988
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives

Meher Baba’s Call

Edited by Chris Riger from the original 35 mm footage, this film features the 1954 men’s savahas at Meherabad, India, which came to be know as the “Three Incredible Weeks.” Narrated by Darwin Shaw, an early American devotee of Meher Baba and an attendee at the event, the film succeeds beautifully in conveying the spirit of the savahas.

Video, 34:47
Courtesy of Sheriar Foundation.