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Videos are posted in the order they were sent out in the Weekly Offerings & Monthly Newsletters, with the most recent collection first.

“I felt completely loved”

Ann Conlon found out about Meher Baba in 1956, Here, she shares what she calls the “fairytale” of her longing to meet Him after a missed opportunity in Myrtle Beach in 1958—and her eventual journey to India “for the weekend” (from New York!) to accept Baba’s invitation for darshan for just one day in 1961. Ann shares with humor and poise about her experience of Baba’s love and presence.

Video, 57:25
Meher Center Meeting Place, January 31, 1995
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives

“Such an all-pervading peace and joy in His presence”

Marion Florsheim of New York was nicknamed “Energy” by Meher Baba because she frequently said, “I wish you would use my energy, Baba.” Baba did appoint Marion to do significant work for Him, including making all the arrangements for His 1956 trip to the West. In this talk, Marion describes what it was like to be with Baba, and some of the unforgettable events of that 1956 visit.

Audio, 27:40
Meher Center, 1972
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives

“He made meaning of a senseless life”

Tex Hightower and Donald Mahler were dance students under Margaret Craske, one of Meher Baba’s close Western women disciples. Their lifelong association with Baba began when Tex met Baba at Meher Center in 1952 in the Lagoon Cabin after a harrowing airplane journey with several other dancers. Donald first met Baba in 1956 at the Delmonico Hotel in NYC. They were most fortunate to be among the prominent carriers of Baba’s lift chair on the Center in 1958. In this laugh-fest of a video, the fellow dancers share profound gems from their contact with Baba, and what they learned about discipleship by observing Margaret Craske’s enormous capacity to love.

Video, 1:44:12
Meher Center Meeting Place, May 27, 1995
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives

The Children’s Birthday Party

This rare home video of Meher Baba was taken at the Meher Center in 1958 when Baba held a “Birthday Party” for all the children (adults could only come when accompanied by a child). Baba is seen here cutting the cake and personally distributing different types of prasad. Baba plays the perfect host at the Center as He smiles, laughs and embraces His lovers while enjoying their company and providing them with an opportunity for His intimate darshan.

Video, 5:28
Meher Center, 1958
Filmed by Liz Scales, courtesy of Virginia Sadowsky

A Walk to the Barn & Beach

Many pilgrims experience Baba’s presence while walking the miles of trails woven throughout the Center. This video is a walk on the Yaupon Dunes Trail, amidst the sun-dappled poplars and oaks, with Carolina Wrens calling overhead. It weaves to the Barn where Baba held large gatherings, and then on to the Beach where He enjoyed the company of His lovers and dipped His feet into the Atlantic Ocean.