Friday & Saturday Evening Programs

On Friday and Saturday nights, guests and community members gather to remember Meher Baba by watching videos of Him, or talks… more

Weekly Concerts

Meher Baba loved music, and musicians from across India and around the world came to perform for Him. Now, at the Meher Center… more

Weekly Meetings

Three regular meetings take place on the Center each week, allowing guests and community members to spend time together reading books… more

Tea Times

Tea (“Chai”) is part of daily life throughout India. Meher Baba’s followers prepared and drank chai at home, on the road, even on moving… more

Monthly Talks

The Meher Center hosts regular monthly talks by people who met Meher Baba. These talks give retreatants and day visitors a chance to hear… more

Meher Baba Q & A

Meher Baba Q & A is an informal opportunity to ask questions about Meher Baba, His life, work, philosophy and more. Held twice a week on… more


Arti is a ceremony of worship involving devotional songs of praise to the Lord. In the Meher Baba community, Arti was often performed… more

Art Shows

Many visual artists over the years have shared their love for Meher Baba through art. Approximately every two months, the Meher Center… more