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June 19th - 24th

Youth Sahavas

This summer 2018 marks the twenty-eighth annual Youth Sahavas at Meher Spiritual Center. Year after year the Youth Sahavas provides a special opportunity for teenagers to experience an atmosphere filled with Baba’s love and presence, and to deepen their relationship with Meher Baba and with each other.

Click for a copy of the 4-page 2018 Youth Sahavas Information and Registration Form.

Additional information and comments about the Youth Sahavas can be found at the Youth Sahavas Facebook Page.
(Note: The Center will close for overnight stays on Sunday, June 17th, and re-open on Wednesday, June 27th)

July 10th

 Silence Day

A special day of observing silence at the Center in honor of the 93rd anniversary of Meher Baba beginning His silence.

October 12th - 14th

Meher Baba’s Discourses & Messages in the 1920s, presented by Ward Parks

“An Early Dispensation: Meher Baba’s Message to Humanity During the First Flowering of Meherabad in the 1920s,” presented by Ward Parks.

After the inauguration of His silence in July of 1925, Meher Baba began giving discourses and messages as never before. Most important among these was “The Book,” a 300-page manuscript in Baba’s own handwriting that He never allowed anyone to read and whose whereabouts still remains a mystery. During the same period Baba dictated a major treatise known as Infinite Intelligence, gave scores of talks to the mandali (recently published as Tiffin Lectures), and gave talks to the Meher Ashram school boys. All of this material adds up to a major dispensation from the Avatar that has gradually been getting published over the last fifteen years. These discourses considerably expand the vision and range of Meher Baba’s message to humanity. In this three-day program we will review this body of material, as well as the history of the early Meherabad Ashram out of which it arose.
(Program details will be provided at a later date.)

First Wednesday monthly
(when available) 3:00 pm

Informal Gatherings with Wendy Connor
Wendy was with Meher Baba in 1958 and 1962. Daughter of Jane Haynes, Wendy had many years of close association with Elizabeth Patterson and Kitty Davy.

once monthly 3:30 pm

Informal Gatherings with Tom Riley
Tom met Meher Baba at Meher Spiritual Center in 1958, and was with Him in India at the East-West Gathering in 1962.

Original Kitchen
Displays begin
on first Friday
of each month

Monthly Meeting Place Displays

July: Win Coates (photographs)

September: Julia Fierman (paintings)

Meeting Place

Programs are subject to last-minute changes.

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