In Meher Baba’s words, a sahavas is meant to be a gathering for “companionship with God,” a time for the “give and take of love between the Beloved and His lovers.”

The Young Adult Sahavas is a three-day gathering for young people (ages 18 to 43) at Meher Center who wish to refocus and renew their spiritual lives in Meher Baba’s love and truth. The event was inspired by young adults who, having come through the Youth Sahavas, felt a strong desire to offer their own age group the same opportunity to gather and engage in an atmosphere focused solely on Meher Baba.

 During this weekend, the Center is given over entirely to young adults. A wide array of activities are planned and carried out by a group of young leaders (most of whom serve as volunteer staff for the Youth Sahavas each summer). The program includes a wide variety of activities including: artis (prayers and songs to God), discussion groups, workshops, communal meals and special programs.

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