The Center is currently open by reservation only for overnight retreats. Day visiting is temporarily paused. Click here for latest updates.


Besides offering overnight retreats, Meher Spiritual Center is also available for people to visit for a few hours at a time in the day or evening.

First Time Visitors
Visitors coming for the first time should call ahead and arrange for a full-guided tour and become familiar with the Center Directives.

All visitors are to enter through the main gate on Highway 17 (across from the Myrtle Beach Mall) and check in at the Gateway Office.

Day Visiting Hours
Every day: 2 – 5 p.m.

Day Visit Guidelines
1. Wear covered shoes at all times on the Center.
2. Pets, firearms, alcohol, and illegal drugs are not allowed on the property.
3. All guest cabins and use of kitchens for cooking are reserved for overnight retreat guests only.
4. Day visitors are asked not to use the Center to access the beach for swimming.
5. Smoking is strictly prohibited except where clay pots are provided.
6. Direct any safety concerns to the Gateway (843-272-5777).


Public Buildings and Hours

The Lagoon Cabin and Barn are open during the day for quietude and reflection.

The Dilruba Reading Room
Every day: 2 – 5 p.m.

The Saroja Library
Every day: 2 – 5 p.m.

Meher Abode (Baba’s House)
Not currently open for visitors.

Additional Day Visiting Information

Nature Trails
There are many walking trails winding through the Center’s approximately 500 acres. On arrival at the Center Gateway, review the directives for trail use.

Outdoor Sitting Areas
Throughout the Center there are many outdoor sitting areas, screened porches and play areas for children.


Unavailable at this time.