Meher Spiritual Center welcomes visitors from across the world who know of Meher Baba and want to learn more about Him and His life and work. 

The Center offers a refuge from everyday life where visitors can experience spiritual renewal in a unique atmosphere of intimacy, quietude and simplicity. Whether you visit for an hour or two weeks, this retreat atmosphere is available to all who come. Click here for our Harmony Statement.

For the worldwide community of lovers of Meher Baba, Meher Center is also a place of pilgrimage because it is what He called His “home in the West,” permeated by His eternal love and presence.

Activities at the Center are informed by Baba’s wish that the Center be a place for rest and renewal of the spiritual life. These are some of the activities and experiences that you might choose:

Special Buildings

Three buildings that Meher Baba used during His visits in 1952, 1956, 1958 are preserved at His request, and their contents have been kept, as nearly as possible, as they were when He visited the Center. Open to visitors, these buildings are considered sacred spaces and are reserved for quietude, meditation and prayer. Read more here. 


In keeping with Meher Baba’s message, “I have come not to teach but to awaken,” Meher Center does not provide structured teaching or formal classes. However, a variety of programs are available to guests which offer diverse opportunities for learning more about Meher Baba and His life of love and service. Read more here.  

Informal Activities

Each person has a unique experience at the Center. In addition to spending time in sacred spaces or taking part in scheduled programs, you might find yourself meeting new friends while talking about Baba over a cup of chai, reading mystical poetry overlooking the lake at the Library, taking a solitary hike, or playing a rousing game of volleyball with the kids. Read more here.