New Years Eve Virtual Sahavas Schedule

“Always remember Me, call on Me, make Me your dear friend. Because I am your friend I will respond to your call immediately.”

Meher Baba

Welcome to the Meher Center New Year’s Eve Sahavas! We are so excited to celebrate the New Year together in Baba’s love.

Check below for a schedule of all the programs, and Zoom links to each one. All programs take place on Friday December 31. Please remember that all times are EST and may be subject to change so keep checking back. 

See you soon!

Morning Programs 

9:00 AM-8:00 PM: Meher Café Open

This is a space to spend time with one another informally—you can share music or poetry or just chat. Please note that the café isn’t monitored, so there could be times you’re in there by yourself— check back later or switch over to a structured activity. Use the passcode “Baba” to enter. Click to enter

10:00–11:00 AM: Morning Arti

Start the day with an hour-long program that starts with prayers that Baba wrote and traditional devotional songs, followed by a chance to express your devotion to God in your own way— through music, poetry, stories, and more. Click to enter

11:00 AM–12:15 PM: Opening Meeting

This meeting will help kick off the event and allow us to connect with one another. It will include a talk by Wendy Connor, and music by Jamie Newell. Click to enter

  Discussion Groups (1:00–2:15 PM)

Discussion Goup A: “Stories of Coming to Baba” with Damien Triouleyre and Michelle McKeever–Join to share your story of how you came to know Meher Baba. Given the expected popularity of this discussion group and the limited time available please come expecting to share the 5 to 7 minute version of your story. Click to enter

Discussion Group B: “Experiencing Baba in our current everyday lives” with Darryl and Susan Smith—As we make individual efforts to remember Baba throughout the day, how do we feel His hand or touch in our lives? In small groups of 4-5 people, we’ll share our current experiences. Click to enter

Discussion Group C: “Stories of the Mandali” with Bob Ahrens and Susan Marks—Bob Ahrens will tell a few stories about staying at Meherazad as the Mandali’s physician. He and co-host Susan Marks will then open the floor for others to share memories and stories of the Mandali. Click to enter

Discussion Group D: “Reflection on the Center’s Inclusion Statement” with Pamela Goodrum—We will have a conversation based on the Center’s Inclusion Statement, comprised of breakout groups focused on exploring what a “loving, inclusive and welcoming environment” for ALL people might look and feel like. Click to enter

Games for Kids

Children are welcome to join an interactive game based workshop. They should come ready to move around, draw, and have fun! Click to enter

  Workshops (3:00 PM – 4:15 PM)

Workshop A: “Finding the Divine through imagination and creativity” with Linda Hansen and Annie Fahy LawnArt & Writing prompts are designed to assist your soul voice to connect with your heart. In this way, we nourish and connect to the One that you recognize who is Creation itself. You don’t have to consider yourself a  writer or artist to find this inner connection. Bring paper and pen, and also color markers or crayons if you like! Click to enter

Workshop B: “Release Stress, Replenish Energy & Allow New Life: Self-Care and Mindfulness” with Cindy JamesAn experiential workshop cultivating mindfulness and calling on Baba’s infinite love and guidance to support: 

  1. releasing the suffering of the past, the pain of the present and the fears of the future, 
  2. replenishing the body, mind and spirit and restoring energy reserves, and 
  3. allowing a new way of living to naturally unfold. To access workshop 

 Click to enter

Workshop C: “Dancing to His Tune” with Sara PearsonCome share in a guided experience of exploring spontaneous, natural movement with irresistible music. No experience necessary! Part creative play, part movement meditation, part prayer and part celebration.  All are welcome. Dancing can facilitate a deep connection into the present moment where we will have an opportunity to lose ourselves in order to find ourselves! Click to enter

Workshop D: “Writing Songs for Meher Baba” with Jamie NewellJamie Newell will lead a discussion/workshop on songwriting and creativity, focusing on how creative activities might be directed towards enhancing our focus on Meher Baba. After a brief presentation on the topic, Jamie will open the group up for questions and discussion. Click to enter

Evening Arti

5:00 – 6:00 PM: Evening Arti

Come together for an hour-long program that starts with prayers that Baba wrote and traditional devotional songs, followed by a chance to express your devotion to God in your own way— through music, poetry, stories, and more. Click to enter

 Evening Celebration (8:00 PM – 1:00 AM)

Time to start the new year together! This celebration will include a special talk, videos of Meher Baba, music, dance and connection with each other. The times listed are approximates. Individual components of the evening may start at slightly different times (+/- 5 minutes). You are welcome to attend the full celebration or individual components. With the exception of “Choose your own Zoom Adventure” the Zoom link is the same the full evening. The program will include:

8:00 PM: Welcome to the Holiday Sahavas with Buz Connor. Click to enter

8:20 PM: Talk by Preeti Hay & Vinod Khilnani. Click to enter

9:05 PM: Breakout groups to connect with other lovers of Meher Baba. Click to enter

9:40 PM: Film of Meher Baba. Click to enter

10:00 PM: Choose your own Zoom Adventure

  • Session A: Sharing our intentions with Meher Baba for the New Year with Jeff Wolverton. Click to enter
  • Session B: Square Dance with Anna Lena Phillips Bell. Options for dancing seated and for dancing solo will be offered along with the usual square-dance figures. Click to enter

11:00 PM: Concert with Jake Horsey and Buz Connor. Click to enter

11:50 PM: O Parvardigar film. Click to enter

12:00 AM: Prayers and Arti. Click to enter

12:15 AM: Dance Party with Gabe Wood. Click to enter


The Meher Center is providing Live Streaming from some of Baba’s sacred places. There are now two locations being Live Streamed: Baba’s bedroom Dec. 31st  4 PM – 6 PM, and a view of Long Lake 6 AM- 9 PM. Click here

Check out the Sahavas song book Click here

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