Program Overview

In keeping with Meher Baba’s declaration “I have come not to teach but to awaken,” Meher Center does not provide structured teaching or formal classes. However, a variety of programs are available to guests which offer diverse opportunities for learning more about Meher Baba and His life of love and service.

New: Online Programming 

Due to the Coronavirus, the Meher Center is offering new weekly online programs. Keeping with the core principles of programming on the Center, our offerings will include films of Meher Baba and His close Mandali. We are also excited to offer rare historic audio and video files of talks and programs held at the Meher Center dating as far back as Baba’s visits, some by early disciples who were instrumental in the formation of the Center. Other informal online programs include: sharing of music, poetry, stories and other forms of devotional offerings focused on and inspired by Meher Baba’s life and work.

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Weekly Meetings
On Monday evenings a meeting is held to read and discuss Meher Baba’s Discourses, a collection of essays offering insightful perspective on the challenges of spiritual life.

Programs of devotional music performed by community members and guests are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Friday and Saturday night programs consist of films of Meher Baba or videos of talks by His close disciples. Live music and readings are often included in these programs. Occasionally, guest speakers will share their personal experiences of life with Meher Baba.

On Saturday afternoon there is a gathering in the Library Reading Room from 2:30-3:30 for readings about the women Mandali’s life with Meher Baba. Readings alternate between the three volume set of Mehera-Meher by David Fenster  and the two volume set of The Joyous Path: The Life of Meher Baba’s Sister Mani by Heather Nadel.

On Sunday evenings, Celebrating the Divine is an informal get-together for sharing, poetry, readings, music, and stories.

Dilruba hosts a Sunday afternoon gathering of Center guests and community members for tea and conversation. Additional teas are held during the week on Friday and Saturday afternoons at the Original Kitchen.

Special Programs

Special programs are scheduled on anniversaries such as Silence Day, Amartithi, and Meher Baba’s birthday, and occasionally during visits by guests who met Meher Baba.In addition, the following Special Programs take place each year.

Artist in Residences

Twice a year the Center invites artists of various disciplines to provide a week long program revolving around their art and its focus on Meher Baba. Check our Annual calendar for more details.

Youth Sahavas

The Youth Sahavas, a special five-day retreat gathering for teenagers, is held every summer, usually in late June. During this program the entire Center is reserved for high school age young people and the Sahavas staff working with them. Each day begins with morning Arti, and is filled with a variety of activities, workshops, discussion groups and evening programs.

Young Adult Sahavas

Young Adult Sahavas is a weekend gathering held for Young Adults between the ages of 18-43. It is an opportunity for them to share their growing lives with Baba, the Center and each other. Programs include arti, discussion groups and evening programs.